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Get to know us and let us help optimize your software & IT infrastructure.

Mobile Development

Android, iOS and Windows phone apps for all your needs.

Desktop Development

Windows and MacOS – Customized Software for your Business.

Web Design

Represent your business or yourself with a beautiful, easy-to-use WordPress website.

About Us

Web Design


Software has developed at a rapid pace over the past couple of years. It has grown from being a small part in your organization to a vital and powerful tool to increase productivity and convenience, while reducing cost and waste product.
People who work with us realize that we take pride in the Software we create. We don’t even think about it as software as much as possibilities we want to show and create for you.
By keeping up with the technology of tomorrow, we hope to be a part of the innovators who get to impact your life and your business. Everyone loves the feeling of creating something great and so do we. The exciting part for us is, that “creating something great” means we get to help you create something even better.

  • Passion

    For our mission

  • Communication

    For a perfect service

  • Dedication

    For your vision

  • World domination

    Working on it....

Our Team

Jeffrey Otmi
Jeffrey Otmi
“Bringing people together who are good at what they do is the first step to creating something great.”
Nino Padrutt
Nino Padrutt
“The beautiful thing about software is that the limitations of today are the opportunities of tomorrow.”




  • Get to know us
  • Assessment of your current status
  • Learn how we'd like to improve your software & IT infrastructure
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Web Design


  • A website to represent yourself or your business
  • SEO
  • Landing Pages
  • Custom & premade themes, depending on your needs
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Software Development


  • Desktop & Mobile Development
  • Product Sketch
  • Product development
  • Product implementation
  • Support & Maintenance
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  • Third Party Software Consulting
  • Online Marketing
  • IT Consulting
  • Hardware Consulting
  • Installation & Maintenance
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